Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gonna Miss U, 2014

at the end of every year, I'm always left with a pang of nostalgia in the pit of my stomach. it's especially strong this year. i mean, it was a huge year: i ended a long term relationship, i graduated from college, i moved to nyc, i interned at some sick places, i found my dream job + i've traveled.

i know it's very cliche to say that you've grown a lot during a year's time, but i really have. i've really fallen in love with myself, to be honest. i've learned a lot about myself that I didn't know before. 2014 was the year of caring about myself. i created opportunities for myself, seized others that were thrown my way & totally stepped up to any challenge that I was presented with. i said "yes", a hell of a lot more than i said "no"...especially to doughnuts. if i wanted something, i got it, because i worked my ass off for it.

i am so thankful for every new person i met, old person i stayed in touch with, place that i ventured to & lesson that i learned. i have had an absolute blast with myself this year, never letting myself get too comfortable in any situation.

anyone who knows me, knows that photos are my thing...especially if they are of me. so here are my favorite moments of 2014...there are a lot, i know. 

you sure do have big shoes to fill, 2015.