Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Before You Go...

A is my best friend. When you spend half the amount of time with someone the way I have with this little lady over the past year, it can feel as though they've become a part of your being. On the rare occasion she isn't around, everything feels weird. Call me crazy, call me in love. Either way, cue the Beyoncé. 

They say time flies when you're having fun, but whoa. We've been having such a lovely time off from school visiting my family in South Florida, that we didn't even see an entire week go by. I guess that's what happens when you sleep until noon a few times...

To send Aisha back off to the 813 with some down-to-the-wire adventuring, we snuck a quick-slash-all day trip down to Miami to visit the Pérez Art Museum. It's no secret that A & I adore museums. Between MoMA, Sex, the Met, Henry Plant, & beyond, I can say that PAMM is one of my all-time favorites we've seen together. A & I love contemporary art, & PAMM was full of it. Initially, I was a little bit full of chips & queso to really appreciate the bottom floor, but once we stepped foot in the typography-themed room above, I was enamored. I love fonts.

There was a large sign at the museum's entrance, proclaiming all professional cameras be checked or left behind. Since A & I are both very #professional & #punk, we decided to sneak it in her bag & see what we could get away with. While too shy on the first floor, we snagged some photographs in the Ai Weiwei installation & of a massive steel structure in a solitary confinement-cool room. 

So yeah, maybe we've only got to spend just over a week apart. Maybe that makes us silly for making such a fuss over such a short period of time. Either way, A, you're my sunshine. The holiday season is gonna seem a little bit gray without having you around here to help with my mom's arts & crafts.

Thanks for all the fun, bug.

Love you, miss you, can't wait to prance around New Orleans with you,

Thanks to Mean Jeans for the title inspiration.

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