Saturday, January 11, 2014

Panini Palz

There comes a time in every relationship where things get serious. Maybe it's when you introduce each other to your parents, maybe it's when you move in together, or maybe you play it safe & adopt a pet. Well, A & I are virtually inseparable & are already spiritually adopted by each other's families. Oh, & we don't really take too many things very seriously anyway...

So, we went halfsies on a Panini Press & decided it was time to be adults.  We picked out the one we wanted at Target, but they were sold out. Rather than settle, we waited patiently (proud of u, A.) 

Once we brought her home, we unpacked her & A nearly immediately burned her hand while I tried to read the instructions. Once we figured out how to turn it on, we made some grilled cheeses & basked in our newfound glory. After years of eating slimy pressed sandwiches at the USF Dining Halls, ya boy knows how to press a grilled cheese. #peacesign

While I handled the GC, it's still obvious that we're novices with this thing. Word to the wise: don't spread anything on a sandwich before you press it. Hot slimy mayo, yuuuuucckkk.

Same purchase, I bought a big pitcher for making Crystal Light iced tea in, something that was a staple at my parents house growing up. Somewhere in my house is a photo of four-year-old me, standing next to a miniature Christmas tree, smiling in disbelief that I'm taller than a tree. But since I don't have that scanned, just look at the photos of me with a massive mason jar of iced tea for a similar tickled expression. I doubt I'll ever lose the kid in me.

Oh, & we've got big plans for this panini press thing. Cheese & lunch meat is just cracking the surface, friends. We're talking gourmet fruit-enhanced sandwiches, panini pizzas, DESSERT PANINIS (thanks for the cinnamon vanilla sugar powder from New Orleans, mom!!) & any other crazy concoction we can come up with. You're all cordially invited to a panini party at my apartment~~

I'm quite excited to be experimenting with a new toy with my pal, A. Nothing says, "wow, you guys are the most domesticated 20 year olds I've ever met" than being hyped on a sandwich press grill & a beverage pitcher, but we are who we are & I wouldn't change us for anything. 

PS - I'm serious about that panini party.


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