Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Poor Man's Guide to Messy Milkmaid Braids

Keira Knightley

Naomi Davis of Love Taza
Sienna Miller
Jennifer Lawrence

 I am the queen of phases. Right now I'm obsessed with messy milkmaid braids. They're quick & easy but they make everyone think that you are some kind of hair magician. People tend to have a love hate relationship with milkmaid braids though. When done right, you have the ability to look cool in an effortless, Alexa Chung kind of way but it can slowly become the weird Russian lady from Dodgeball.

Here are some milkmaid braid tips from someone who definitely isn't a hair magician:

1. First, I like to put some loose waves in my hair with my straightner to create some texture.
2. Then I spray my hair with sea salt spray from Lush. It's completely magical. 
3. I separate my hair into pigtails and braid them level with my ears, flip the braids up & pin them to my head with upwards of one million bobby pins.
4. Spray my whole head with Redken 23 hairspray for a strong, not sticky, hold.

Hopefully this helps your final product resemble J. Law vs that scary Swedish nanny you had that one time...


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