Monday, October 27, 2014

Around The Nest

Someone commented on my Instagram the other day saying that they missed my blog & I'ved missed it too. Stellar Piece & I became very close over summer but now that I'm working full-time, it's difficult for me to find time to create my own content. For my own sanity, I need to do it though. It's a release for me to write & take photos for fun. I don't do it enough & it's an early new years resolution that I want to get a head start on.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to find as many cool things as I could, within a two to three block radius of my house, which was easy because my neighborhood is weird in all the best ways. I'm a sucker for quirky things & part of the allure of the place I'm living in is that there is a very Wes Anderson-esque vibe to the whole area. It honestly suits me perfectly. 

I live one block away from the Myrtle-Willoughby G train. It only takes like 20-30 minutes to get into the city. There's a Duane Reade (ugly name for Walgreens) next door to me, which is really handy when I need to get paper goods (Ben & Jerry's). It even has a Redbox, if that's the kind of thing you're into. There's a giant Home Depot, which is the first place my mom wanted to go when she was visiting a few weekends ago. We looked a little out of place showing up in statement sunnies at 8:30 am, buying almost all the ingredients required to potentially cook meth so that we could deep clean my apartment. 

There are little bodegas on every corner. I had no idea what a bodega was until I moved here but I like to go to the one on the corner of Vernon & Marcy because the guy always calls me 'baby' in a really comforting dad way and they have bottled Orangina.

Some of my favorite Sunday finds:
  • a group of guys that looked like they could be characters on GIRLS + their dog, Sadie
  • a house that looked like it could be the Murder House from American Horror Story
  • elementary school, fully equipped with a white mom van
  • Kosciusko Pool & that rad 'STAY COOL' sign
  • the self-timer on my camera
  • the glass bottled Sprite that I was clearly infatuated with
  • Brooklyn Public Library
  • finally snapped a shot of the sick flame PT Cruiser that is always parked in various spots on my street, makes me miss my little PT Loser
  • all of the colored leaves + trees, I've never really experienced a REAL fall
I want to make a point of taking time to explore more often. Come hang out in my weird little neighborhood with me sometime.


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