Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall In Love

So I know that I am not the only one who is completely ecstatic that Fall is finally upon us. Unfortunately, here in Florida, Fall takes quite awhile to actually start looking and/or feeling anything like Fall. I thought that in the meantime I would post some of the things that I am most excited to incorporate into my regular rotation.

1. High buns: While high buns are highly functional year round, it tends to be my go to style for Fall // Winter. It's easy, chic & doesn't look ugly when the wind picks up.

2. Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice JETTs: I know that I'm constantly talking about my JETTs on this blog, but I really adore them. I have been begging for the colder months to get here because I want them on my feet at all times. Not only are they comfortable, but I am constantly getting compliments on them because they aren't your typical ankle boots. It's important for me to wear practical yet interesting shoes & these are the perfect combination of the two.

3. Mustard yellow: This color has a tendency to be slightly obnoxious, but if used in moderation it will add a nice pop to any outfit you are donning during the drearier months. I personally love pairing this sweater with my black faux leather circle skirt. Maybe because it always makes me feel like I'm channeling the outfit that Cher picks out of her electronic closet (that I've secretly always wanted) in Clueless.

4. Dark half moon nails: Fall is notoriously known for welcoming dark, broody nail colors with open arms. To change up the norm a bit, I like to create a half moon manicure with some darker, but sparkly lacquers. It looks more festive than regular polish while still allowing you to go dark.
 5. Trench: I found this trench on sale at H&M during the Summmer & I have been absolutely dying to be able to actually wear it out ever since. It is the perfect color and goes with basically all of my clothes. It's key to find a trench that isn't too thick to pair with sweaters and long sleeved shirts. On a side note, this color looks incredible when paired with red // coral accessories. I like to pair mine with a dark denim button down and some bright pieces.

Whatever you end up wearing this Fall, remember to add your own unique flare to everything. Embrace the changing of the seasons, kiss sundresses goodbye and allow yourself to step out of the box, stylistically. Oh & also remember to Fall In Love.


 What Fall trends do you fall in love with?

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  1. Definitely love the faux leather skirt and I think it looks amazing on you!!! I wish fall would hurry up here in AZ! I love your blog!