Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fate Date

Sometimes J & I struggle with deciding what we want to do on any given evening. We always try to throw out random ideas (for some reason bowling always gets thrown into the pot) but we either end up not really wanting to do what the other one does or settling on something that we always do. Last night was different. Last night I wanted to let fate decide so we wrote down about 20 different places, restaurants & activities that we could do, folded them all up & stuck them into a bowl. Some were more random than others, some involved fancy dinners & one of them even had the daunting word 'GYM' scrawled on it. We finally decided that each of us would get to pick one & we would draw one more as a backup in case we secretly didn't like any of the other two.

So fate decided on:

Pei Wei // Find Silence of the Lambs on DVD // Twistee Treat

We hopped in my PT Cruiser & headed off to Pei Wei where J & I usually share the chicken Pad Thai (with no tofu, peanuts or scallions) & a kids portion of honey seared chicken & rice. Pei Wei has ridiculously large portions so it makes for a great place to split a yummy meal with your babe. 

Then we went to possibly the last standing Blockbuster in the world to find Silence of the Lambs on DVD. J & I have taken two film classes together at USF & we have become quite the little film buffs. In yesterday's lecture, Dr. Rust (the actual coolest woman in the world) was discussing editing & showed a clip from Silence of the Lambs, which totally sparked an interest in Jake. So we went in & there was a whole rigamarole about how you have to be a member to rent films at Blockbuster, which is fine but get this...they had no applications. For a chain that seems to be rapidly slipping into extinction, you'd think Blockbuster would be trying their hardest to keep it together. So after the girl behind the counter reluctantly entered all of my info manually, I became an official, full-fledged, card-carrying Blockbuster member. At least when Blockbuster finally kicks the bucket I'll have a laminated memento to show my kids when they are asking me about what a DVD even is.

Last but absolutely not least, we were off to our local Twistee Treat. J & I are proud ice cream enthusiasts & nothing gets us going more than a cake cone with soft serve & rainbow sprinkles. There's something about sitting outside of a giant ice cream cone at 10 pm at night with your best pal that makes you feel happy to be alive. In moments like that, I realize how lucky I am to have a guy like Jake. He's always up for an adventure & it will forever be my favorite thing about him. He's just the bee's knees.

Ice cream made us extremely parched so we stopped into the sketchiest little Food Mart where we proceeded to buy the sketchiest things: 2 mega large bottles of water & a small bowl of boiled peanuts. To my dismay, J was NOT a fan of the boiled peanuts & said that they smelled like a "tackle shop". The Food Mart was extremely unsettling at 11 pm, especially the weird snake figurines that the guy was selling so we headed out as quickly as possible.

When we got home, we pulled out the couch bed, put on some p-jamz & Silence of the Lambs & grabbed some snacks (try Hot Pik-Nik potato shoe strings & AppleApple GoGo Squeeze, those are our jam right now). Date nights (especially Monday night ones) don't have to be super crazy or intense, but go grab your guy or gal, throw some of your favorite adventures into a bowl, save yourself a 30 minute debate over what you're going to do tonight & go have fun with your best pal.



  1. Wonderful post dear! BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!
    This is all so lovely!
    Follow each other?

    1. Thanks Flavia! Can't wait to follow you :)