Thursday, July 18, 2013

Take a Walk

There comes a point in your life when you realize that someone means so much more than you than you had initially anticipated. You start wanting to do really weird things, like come over to just to help clean their house, or showing up unannounced with a pillow pet & a box of Milk Duds. You start wanting to share everything with this person: meals, thoughts, conversation, & even your past experiences & memories. 

Last weekend, A took me on a trip to South Tampa, where we visited her old stomping grounds & retraced the places where she formed precious childhood memories. We drove past her old high school, walked up to the front door of her mom's old condo, & took a walk on the Ballast Point Park Pier, where she used to spend many-a-summer-day playing with her mom & brother Ashton. It was beautiful to visit the places she used to spend her time at long before she even met me & listen to her recount some of her most treasured memories.

Aside from being a lovely day in the sun with an incredible view of the downtown Tampa skyline, I really enjoyed seeing all the places where A blossomed into the pretty little flower she is today. It feels good to have reached such a wonderful place in someone's life.

Take a walk down memory lane with your loved one as soon as you can, it's as fun an experience as it is beautiful.


Aisha // Dress: Target // Shoes: Deena & Ozzy // Sunnies: Urban Outfitters 

Jake // Jacket: Levi's // Shirt: Brixton // Pants: Levi's // Bracelets: J. Crew & Pulsera Project // Shoes: Vans // Sunnies: Ray Ban


  1. You both look great and these pics turned out perfectly! Also love the blog header ;)

    1. Thanks Carmen! We had a really fun day :)