Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wild & Dangerous


A few weeks ago, A & I noticed that a new EVOS location was being built in Carrollwood, & we had been hotly anticipating its grand opening. Alas, the two of us can't go anywhere without a photoshoot first, & we managed to get A's brother, Ashton, to crawl out of the house to snap a couple photos of the two of us together. When one of us is always taking pictures of the other, we find we don't have enough of the both of us. I think we added a couple of winners today. You wouldn't believe how many we had to delete! (She'd hate me for saying so, but A looks too beautiful in any picture to me that I've had to make deleting her responsibility).

Finally, I was able to take my little foodie there with me to try out some "airbaked" goodness. As we always do, we scarfed down a pair of cheeseburgers like we were famished, but we were rather impressed with the restaurant's ketchup variants(mmmm, anything called "Cayenne Firewalker" just speaks to me). As burger authorities, this place gets a thumbs-up. And if A loves it, you know it's delicious. She's the pickiest when it comes to tastes & smells.

Bellies full of burger, we scooped an apple empanada from Mr. Empanada's on the way home for a homework blitz. Little A tore through multiple academia-related blog posts, my lil champion. I couldn't get much done, in between air-drumming & getting distracted by her adorable face. I'm feeling over-complimentary today about that face, huh? 

A tradition for the two of us over the past year together has been to visit A's family while they're out somewhere in Florida in the RV. This weekend, we visited them at Hillsborough River State Park, where we dined on even more burgers. Mmmmm. A says she's never had burgers twice in a row before. How humbled I am to be the man she experiences such a glorious memory with. 

Our night was cut a bit short when the mutant mosquitoes of Florida did a number on A's legs, but a couple hours out in the wilderness with my little adventurer was enough to satisfy this guy. That girl looks her cutest when she isn't even trying (see the candid photos that made the cut above). Oh & I managed to capture some shots of B chasing a rubber ball. Nothing I could type here can describe the hilarity.

As I wrap this up, I realize that all I accomplished today was eating a bunch of cheeseburgers & not wearing the same t-shirt as multiple previous Stellar Piece posts, but it's the simple days with A that I love the most.

Love (you, bug),

Aisha // Blouse: Vintage from Revolve // Shorts: Levi's x Urban Renewal // Bracelets: Forever 21 & Pulsera Project Sunnies: American Apparel

Jake // Shirt: Supreme // Shorts: Fourstar // Pants: Levi's // Shoes: Vans // Sunnies: Ray Ban


  1. you two look so lovely:)! wonderful photos:)
    please visit me in free time:)

  2. so darn cute.