Sunday, October 6, 2013

Random Road Trip: Gainesville

"Why are you guys going to Gainesville?" 

Better yet, why are we going to Gainesville on a UF game day? Some things are better when they're not so planned out.

Friday afternoon, I sent a text over to my lady telling her to clear her schedule for a road trip on Saturday. We didn't know where we'd go, we didn't know what we'd do when we got there. All we wanted was a day away from the hectic fall semester, together. A & I settled on Gainesville. Not too far, & we hadn't been there together yet.

Always inquisitive, A made the drive fly by by keeping my mind occupied answering surveys from Tumblr. Before we knew it, she asked me who I last talked to on the phone four times & suddenly we arrived! Thanks Tumblr!

We wound up in Downtown Gainesville in the cutest little shopping district filled with vintage shops & record stores (hallelujah!!). A scooped a new pair of bold black sunnies from Wolfgang, I walked home with a live Black Lips record from Hear Again. Who doesn't love a souvenir?

We roamed the streets, hardcore. Who knew Gainesville was so hot? We walked up to the UF campus, which was mobbed with blue & orange toddlers and alumni. Not ones for school spirit, A & I ducked into the nearest Krispy Kreme for some sugary salvation. Phew. Close one. It was, however, hilarious to compare a school with a spirited, talented football team to our modest USF squad. (Editor's note: USF actually won this weekend's football game. #MIRACLE)

On our walk back to the car, we stopped for a quick bite at Relish, where we split a delicious cheeseburger. I did not know that one could put different condiments on separate sides of a burger, but apparently it can be done.

One of the recurring survey questions on the drive home was "what was the best part of today?" My answer is, confidently: spending the day wanderlusting with my best friend. Driving to a new city, roaming the streets aimlessly while sipping coffee & tea and checking out little indie shops & taking pictures of such a beautiful girl separated me from reality for a short while. For once, I wasn't consumed with school or responsibilities & was able to stop & enjoy life today.

Thanks A, for always being my little travel partner.


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