Tuesday, November 12, 2013

High Fidelity

Everybody's got a hobby. Sometimes hobbies can be even more fun when you begin to share them with someone you adore.

When I was in high school, I played in various punk & pop-punk bands. As any kid with a ton of music nerd friends would be, I was eventually lured into collecting vinyl. Over the years, I've seen my collection grow from a couple of PVC discs to a colorful archive of my musical personality. I've got some classics, & some embarrassing ones, too.

Over the summer, A & I were gifted a late-70s record player with accompanying speakers by her grandfather, "G-Dad Reynolds." While the player was worn-down and beyond repair, the speakers still worked like a champ. I was so in love, that I upgraded my old record player to one compatible with these beauties.

Since I met the gal, I've dragged A along with me on record store digs. From our earliest dates to Mojo Books & Music in Tampa to as recent as our roadtrip to Gainesville, my little #1 has stuck by my side as I picked through each & every record in every store we've gone to together. Just as my old Crosley player needed a new home, it seemed that she finally caught the itch.

As soon as A introduced my old record player to her loft bedroom, she started a collection of her own. What once started as a solo activity has seen our weekender luggage include a bag full of records. Not to mention, A's new obsession has led to some adorable fangirl moments (re: meeting Mish Way at Pre-Fest).

A's amazingly vast musical palate includes anything from quirky one-hit-wonders & 80s jams to contemporary classic punk rock (that's my girl). However, she often can walk out of a store with four records to my one. Some of her recent grabs include Styx, Ramones, Tone-Loc & Madonna.

It's so much more fun to walk into a record store with a pal who's just as excited to be there, to compare findings and to sit & listen to them together than it is to do it all on your own, especially when you already have for years.

But it's easy to share something you love so much with someone that you love even more.


**Above are some photos from our Veterans Day trip to Daddy Kool Records in St. Pete, one of our favorite places, & a small sampling of favorites from our collections.** 

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