Thursday, January 30, 2014

Aric Goes to SPoT



Growing up can suck. As I break into my 20s & begin facing the endless bounds of responsibility that will soon face me for the remainder of my time here (re: taxes, politics), I realize that I'll never totally lose the little kid in me. Through my life so far, I've notice that I really enjoy sharing things that I love with the people that I love (thanks Mom!!!) Skateboarding is one of those things. 

A has an angel of a little brother named Aric. Not only is Aric the sweetest, most loving boy in the entire world, he's pretty handsome too. Ever since I first met him, I always saw a little bit of myself in him. He's always so happy, smiling and laughing so hard. He loves making up little songs about thoughts he's having & recently took an appreciation for the drums (We're in a band together now, by the way). One day, he tried riding my skateboard down his driveway. From then on, I was sold.

We decided kind of on a whim to take Aric to the Skatepark of Tampa to show him how to skate & see if it was something he would be interested in taking up. My favorite thing about Aric is how much he loves a challenge. As soon as I gave him a board & started showing him how to ride it, he was hooked. He even used some of his Christmas money to buy his own board. I mean, look at that last photo. Dear god.

While it started as a slightly selfish attempt at watching the cutest small human not named Aisha Hatter ride a skateboard, it turned into this weird kind of experience where I really hoped it would be something he'd latch on to & love throughout his life. Skateboarding has given me such joy in my life, & I want the same thing for this little guy. Whether he keeps skating or finds another hobby that he likes, I just hope he stays as happy as he is every day that I see him. Do I sound like a grown up?

Check out a little video we put together of Aric's first day skateboarding below.

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