Sunday, February 9, 2014

Saturday Adventures

Saturdays are for adventures. When school and other life obligations start taking the front seat on the list of priorities, it can be hard to cross things off of our bucket list as quickly as we'd like. So, with loose plans in mind, J & I set out this Saturday to do as many of the things that we've been dying to do lately and it turned out to be a lovely little day. 

We started our adventure in Hyde Park because J needed to exchange something at Anthropologie. That place is a dream world full of kitschy little accessories, gorgeous clothes and aesthetically-pleasing home decor. While J was working on his exchange, I ran into one of my good friends Brie and also managed to find an embellished sweater in the sale area that wasn't astronomically out of my price-range. Before we left Hyde Park, we stopped into Indigo Coffee for a little caffeine boost. Naturally, J ordered a caramel iced coffee and I had an iced tea with lemonade. We are creatures of habit.

One of the required assignments for my Advanced Creativity class was to go to The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg before February 10th. J & I have been talking about going there ever since we first met, but this finally gave us a reason to actually follow through. As lovers of contemporary and pop art, J & I were more than pleased to find out that the Warhol exhibit is at the Dalí until April 27th. We loved browsing through his brilliant sketches, photos and screen prints. Also, if you're a USF student admission is free, so remember to bring your student ID.  

Daddy Kool is always a required stop when we are in St. Pete. We love digging around and trying to find vinyl that we know the other one would love. J picked up some stuff by the Germs, Minor Threat & Fugazi and I got a little 7" by the Ramones. We also peeked into a record store called Bananas, which was like walking into something from an old John Hughes movie. I would have loved to be this age in the 80s. Big hair, amazing music and brilliant films.

J & I finished off the night by having a little dinner date at Carrabba's. It was absolutely packed & to avoid a 45 minute wait we decided to sit at the bar. We people-watched, chatted about our day and got stuck watching an infomercial channel forever because someone had accidentally switched off the Olympics while we weren't looking. Whenever we're out in the world, I always look around at all the other people & think about how lucky I am to have a best pal in life. J's there for me; whether I'm happy, sad, cranky or excited. He accepts me being real & there truly isn't a greater gift than that.

After dinner we popped into Pet Supermarket for, what I call, Bun Therapy. I've been doing Bun Therapy forever because there isn't anything that can't be fixed by holding a little bunny. I mean, seriously, go hold a baby bunny for 5 minutes & tell me that you still feel stressed and anxious. It's just not possible.


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