Thursday, February 13, 2014


Over this summer, I started up my own little DIY punk / skateboarding culture radio show, NO WAVES RADIO, through the University of South Florida's college radio station. It's basically the talk/music form of my brain. I remember being so nervous before my first show back in July, & if it weren't for A I doubt I ever would've built up the courage to go through with it. 

Through it all, she's been one of my primary creative inspirations for the show. Watching her grow & excel in her creative advertising classes juices me to do the best that I can every day in my own right. 

That aside, I was more than stoked to have A as my very special guest for a pre-Valentine's Day NO WAVES RADIO show. The playlist, content, & cheesiness was almost exclusively curated by Aisha herself. We had such a fun time chatting about our favorite Stellar Piece adventures, shows we've been to, quizzing ourselves on how well we know each other, as well as spinning some of our mutually-favorite tunes. Listen above & enjoy!

PS - feel free to check out my other blog, NOWAVESRADIO.WORDPRESS.COM to check out previous shows I've done, & also to check out some show photos & opinion pieces I have up there.

Thanks for being my little starlet, A. I love our cute banter on this episode. You're adorable.


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  1. You guys are so damn photogenic. It kills me.
    Both jealous and impressed by your awesome selfies, always.