Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lazy Daisy

I had a little adventure day yesterday with my babe Gabbie. She's an ace photographer so, naturally, I asked her to take photos for my CollegeFashionista Style Guru Bio that will be coming out in a couple weeks. On her way to my place, she spotted a lush wall of greenery in my neighborhood. We thought it would be cool to take some photos there so we drove a little bit, parked her car & walked across the street.
 As soon as we started shooting, Gabbie & I almost immediately started to get honked at, whistled at & one person even screamed "YOU'RE PRETTY" out of his window. It definitely made for an awkwardly hilarious experience, emphasis on awkward, but I love the way the photos came out. The Carrollhood is just poppin', ya know?

Anyways, I pulled out some of my favorite things for the photos. I love wearing this floral top with a lacy black bralette and my chunky Anthro necklace. My friends are always making fun of me for being attracted to clogs & wooden shoes but when I saw these at Urban, I had to have 'em. They are throwing off some serious '90s vibes & I just adore them.
After we took the photos, we headed to Veterans to catch the 7:30 showing of "Neighbors". We both laughed the entire time. While Rose Byrne is definitely too hot for Seth Rogen, their chemistry was crazy. Before we left the house my mom told us that the baby steals the show which we had no idea what that meant. She was right though. The baby stole the show.

Keep your eyes peeled for my very last Style Guru Bio for CollegeFashionista featuring these photos, along with a ton of NYC fashion this summer.

PS: In case you're keeping track, 6 days until NYC.

Details: Top: Forever 21 // Bag & Necklace: Anthropologie 
Lips: Ruby Woo by MAC // Pants & Shoes: Urban Outfitters
// Photos: Gabbie Amontree


  1. Really great photos and stellar ensemble keep it up ! You are adorable but I'm biased.