Monday, June 2, 2014

Little China Girl

Now that I've made it through my first week in the city, I'm convinced that I can do anything. It was a crazy first week. I got off the plane, into a cab & moved into my NYU dorm on Monday. It's quaint but has high ceilings & wooden floors. I live next to Chinatown off of Lafayette Street, which I love because of the dumplings that are right around the corner. I can really go crazy on some dumplings, let me tell you. It's a two second walk to Soho, which is my favorite place in the city. It's right next to the subway and an actual Subway, in case you're curious. It's perfect.

My internships have been insane. Figuring out the subway has been insane (thank god for Hopstop & Embark). Walking everywhere has been insane. I started at Marie Claire the day after I arrived & CollegeFashionista yesterday. On the first day at Marie Claire, I got there at 8 am & didn't leave until midnight. The rest of the week was just as crazy. Packing & unpacking for shoots, checking things in & out of the closet and going on runs is pretty intense at first. It makes such a difference to do something that you love, though. It's honestly a dream. I get to handle designer clothes, bags & shoes all day, like what more could a girl ask for? 

Here's a few snaps from my new neck of the woods & a few of me, too. 

NYC, I love you,


Details: top: Cotton On // bag: Anthropologie
// jeans & sandals: Zara //  hat: Urban Outfitters
// sunnies: BCBG // jewelry: Madewell 
lips: NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg //
// photos: Anne Kothari

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