Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day Drunk in Williamsburg

This past weekend, I finally ventured to Williamsburg with Auntie Anne, Uncle Afsheen, Tinne & Skye. On the way, we stopped by a record fair which made me totally regretful that I didn't bring my record player with me. There were so many gems that I would have loved to add to my collection. We hopped on the L at Union Sq. & got off at Bedford Ave. We were all starved so we headed straight for the trendy food vendors at the waterfront market. I kept calling it the Brooklyn Flea Market even though it wasn't the Brooklyn Flea Market. I had some pasta topped with the most amazing sauce I've ever had, Vietnamese iced coffee & an apricot raspberry popsicle from People's Pops

Walking around the market was amazing. There were so many cool vintage booths set up. I ended up walking away with a little floral jewelry tray for $1 & a framed alphabet card that reads "n is for nest" to make my new nest a little nestier. 

Then the real fun began. When we were heading back we popped into a couple cool bars & all of us, sans Skye, proceeded to get a little bit day drunk. I obviously can't remember any of the names of the bars but one of them had such a cool interior & an amazing playlist. When they started playing Fleetwood Mac & my tipsy self audibly declared that I do not like them. It wasn't until the very next song came on & I started singing all the words that I realized that I actually do indeed enjoy some classic Fleetwood Mac songs but only because I didn't know that they were Fleetwood Mac songs.

As we were all knocking back a couple bottles of wine, we ate the most amazing french fries & country pâté. When we were walking back home Uncle Afsheen mentioned meatballs & showed us this amazing little place but we weren't hungry enough to go in. Taking the subway back while drunk was interesting. Auntie Anne & I wore our sunnies the entire time & I was laughing at everything. When I'm intoxicated, I tend to think I'm a really good photographer so I added some of my masterpieces above. They truly show off my steady hand. 

We had dinner in Chinatown at an amazing little place called Nom Wah Tea Parlor where I proceeded to eat everything in sight. It was delicious. The only reason that I remember the name is because of the photographic evidence. If you stop in, make sure to try their fried rice & pork buns. Too good.

 I can't wait to adventure more this weekend.


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