Monday, August 4, 2014

The End Pt. 2

August seems to be jam-packed with an awful lot of "the ends". It's the end of summer, my time at Marie Claire & CollegeFashionista, living in Tampa and being 21. It's a very surreal & bittersweet time in my life but I cannot wait for what's to come.

I finally feel like things are starting to fall into place, though. I'm going back home for a few days, I found an apartment in Brooklyn, I'm getting called back for interviews & everyone is shockingly supportive of my decision to completely uproot my existence in Tampa to create a new life for myself in NYC. It feels good to be backed by all the people that I care most about but it feels even better to just trust myself for a second & realize that as long as I work hard, everything is going to be just fine.

But seriously, let's forget about New York for a second & talk about how excited I am to be going back to TAMPA BAY. There are so many things that I've been missing for the past 3 months. Namely: Pei Wei, Target, MOM, PDQ, the Thai Temple, driving, Bentley, International Mall, Gabbie Amontree, oh and ya know, the rest of my brilliant family. I'm going to be home from the 9th-14th & my 22nd birthday happens to fall perfectly in the middle on the 12th. So, GET AT ME. Let's hang out, grab a drink & be all nostalgic.

 Here's to the start of something new.

Details: t-shirt: Brandy Melville // pants: AEO
sunnies: H&M // clogs: Aldo // bag: Anthropologie
bracelet: Madewell & Brandy Melville 

***PS: shout out to that extremely photogenic pigeon who so badly wanted in on the photo shoot. good looks, homie.

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  1. Hey, what's the name of your lipstick and where is it from?! I'm obsessed with it!