Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just Being Impulsive

If you know me at all, you know that I tend to get bored rather quickly. About every six months it is absolutely necessary for me to do something spontaneous. Unlike some people, I am a fan of change. I don't trust anyone who doesn't do impulsive things every once in a while. 

My idea of being impulsive usually consists of one of the following:

 1. Buying random things from the Internet that I absolutely don't need and repeating "Treat Yo Self" over and over in an attempt to justify how much money I've spent.

2. Dying and/or cutting my hair in hopes that I will magically end up looking like Alexa Chung (often leads to disappointment).


3. Judging everyone on the planet for getting facial piercings, reconsidering the idea, watching at least seven videos about the topic on Youtube, call that research, find myself at a piercing shop with a massive needle through my left nostril. This is new for me and I kind of feel like a bad ass so please let me have my moment.  

I never really pegged myself as the type to go off and pierce my face but here we are. Can't wait to brag to my future kids about how rebellious and unstable their old mom used to be...

 Oh my god, these hypothetical children are going to hate me.

Anyways, the point is do whatever you have to do to change up your routine. Go out, dance like a psycho, talk to that one person that gives you a feeling in your stomach that could be mistaken for nausea but is actually butterflies, eat the all the fro yo, pierce your face, buy that dress, take that trip and for god's sake, GO TREAT YO SELF.




  1. I get super bored easily too! haha.
    I love, love your new haircut! It's awesome. makes me miss short hair. lol

  2. btw, how are you liking your new piercing? my friends were trying to persuade me to get them. lol.

    1. I never thought in a million years that I would ever get a facial piercing, but I actually love it. It healed so quickly and its super easy to clean.