Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catching Up

As much as I hate to admit this in print, I have completely neglected  my beloved Stellar Piece  because I have been an extremely busy girl lately. Luckily, I've been preoccupied in the best of ways. October has been good to me this year and I want to fill you in with all of the marvelous things that I have been up to this month.

My brand new walk-in closet is finally done. It doesn't really matter though because I'm still trying to figure out how to organize my plethora of clothes. I have had to part ways with way too many pieces of clothing, yet my room is still a complete disaster. I'll let you know if I ever dig myself out of this mountain of clothes that I insist on keeping even though I will never wear them.

 If you don't know about Maddie the Coonhound, I truly feel bad for you as a human. Her owner travels all over the place with her and takes photographs of Maddie doing outlandish things. So I snapped a shot of my puppy, Bentley, doing just about the only thing he was capable of doing. Slightly underwhelming, but nevertheless cute.

I finally just got through the worst cold that I have had in a very long time, so I've been taking advantage of the fact that I have the energy to dress myself again. Here are a few of the outfits I have donned this past week. As you can tell, I have been incorporating a ton of denim, leather, and random pops of color as we transition into Fall. It's still a sweltering 90 degrees outside on most days though, but hopefully my outfits can persuade the weather to do otherwise.

Halloween is coming up next week and I haven't the slightest clue about what I will be wearing. Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller did a post about Halloween costumes where she suggested Margot Tenenbaum as an option, which completely stole my heart. On my latest trip to Target, I did try to squeeze into this rocket ship costume, but the results were less than satisfactory. 
On a side note, I had a run-in with massive amount of zombie ducks the other night, which was more terrifying than you might imagine.

I think the ultimate reason that October has been so lovely for me is because I've been spending the month getting to know the most wonderful human. I am currently the happiest I have been in a very long time. Jake is the very best: cuddler //skateboarder // drive in movie buddy // cube // Economics teacher // professional Pizza Roll chef  that I could have ever hoped to meet. Also did I mention that he doesn't mall grab, I mean what more could I ask for...

I will leave you all with this photo of Tard the Grumpy Cat to level out the sappiness than just took place.

               Aisha xx

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