Friday, October 25, 2013

Lil' Lunch Date

I love eating. I love food, I love trying new food, & I love recommending good food.

I also love A. I love eating food with A, exploring new places with A, & I especially love lunch dates with A.

One of our favorite things to do is find little hole-in-the-wall, off-the-beaten-path spots in Tampa and make them our regular stops. Last year, we first tried Mel's Hot Dogs off of Busch Blvd., and we've been going back ever since. One time, A wrote me a note while we were eating here saying she loved me, and took a photo of me on a disposable camera. (That picture is hanging in her room now). 

This week, we made our triumphant return to Mel's for the first time this semester. For two quirky little people, this place fits right in: 70s radio pop blasting from above and gourmet snack foods. The walls are adorned with some seriously dated photographs of Mel's enthusiasts rocking their logo t-shirt in different parts of the world. Bottom line: Mel's is an experience. And we all know that A & I love hot dogs. 

I think my favorite part of today was how our little hot dog lunch date felt like a little escape from the mundane day-to-days that my daunting college schedule has me running this semester. We hopped into the car in between our short break between classes, & for a little while I didn't think about responsibilities at all. My best friend & I just talked with our mouths full of chili-cheese & Mel's Special dogs, took selfies in front of their impeccable mirrored windows, & ran daringly into the middle of the street to get a photo next to the place's sign. 

Thanks for keeping me grounded, A. It's one of the things I love most about you. Let's keep adventuring until we're old & gray. 


PS - Thank you to the amazing staff at Mel's Hot Dogs, for not judging either of us one single time for taking so many photos in & around your restaurant. You guys are the best!

PPS - Happy 13 months, A!! We've eclipsed a year and sailed right on into a new one. Luv u~~*

Aisha // Jacket: H&M // Dress: Forever 21 // Boots: tout ā coup // Watch: Nordstrom // Bracelet: Pulsera Project 

Jake // Shirt: HUF // Pants: Supreme // Shoes: Nike SB // Sunnies: Ray Ban

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