Monday, June 30, 2014

Floral Daze

My mom always says that I have "grandma style" which I'm fine with if it means that I can live in over-sized floral dresses forever. I spotted this gem on sale at Urban Outfitters & my inner 80 year old simply couldn't resist. Also, it isn't black, so I think I need a round of applause or something for finally experimenting with color.

Anyways, it's Monday again & it's hard to believe that I've been in New York for over a month now. Where has the time gone? I'm hitting the point where I'm starting to realize that at the end of the summer I'm going to have to find a real job & become a real person who does real things for compensation. I've been playing around with my resume & I'm finally starting to search for full-time positions. Scary, I know.

This week should be pretty cool though. I have Friday off for 4th of July so I decided that I would do something a little spontaneous this weekend. I mean, it's my last summer of being a free person with little to no attachment to real-life responsibilities so I booked a little weekend trip to Chicago because why not? I haven't been since like 2008 so it should be interesting to check out as an adult. Kind of nervous to go through with such a half-baked idea since I'm the queen of having a plan but that's the fun of it all, right? 


Details: dress: Urban Outfitters //  
sunnies: BCBG // shoes: Urban Outfitters // 
bracelets: Madewell // bag: Anthropologie //
 photos: Kali Concepcion

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